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downloading knitting charts.

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  • Stitch library

    Choose your favourite from 97 symbols for 42 stitches. More to come.

  • Search stitches

    Because not everybody is a stitch symbol expert you can search stitches.

  • Powerful selection tools

    Besides Copy and Paste, a selection can be mirrored, filled and outlined. Stitches and colours can also be replaced within a selection.

  • Custom palettes

    Pick colors with 3 color pickers and organize them in palettes.

  • Reuse

    Paste smaller charts into larger charts.

  • Export

    Export your charts as images and PDFs with many options.

Create Your Own Designs in Seconds

From an image to a chart

We've all got that one picture that makes us smile. Now you can turn that picture into a knit chart.
Just import it into KnitCharts, choose how many colors you want, and KnitCharts does the rest for you.

Start with a stitch pattern

Four basic stitch types help you to get started as quickly as possible.
Stitches are easy to find in categories or through a quick search. Choose from different stitch symbols to fit your individual style.

Create Patterns from charts

You can export charts as PDFs including key, stitch definitions and even written instructions. Using a vector graphics program of your choice you can scale charts to any size.

The chart in this pattern was created using KnitCharts. It is currently only available in German but will be soon available in English.